The Bold And The Beautiful's Jack Will End Sheila?


"He is in a pretty bad place," says Ted King.

Considering that The Bold and the Beautiful had Sheila push Brooke off the wagon, shoot two people and "encourage."

Li to crash and burn and, on top of all that, break out of jail, the villainess might be feeling pretty invincible.

She should not, because this week, Finn's father returns to L.A., and suffice it to say, it is not to enjoy the summer sun.

"Sheila might want to watch her back," Ted King tells THOUSIF Inc. "This is not a happy family."

Moreover, if Jack traces the steps he took down the road to ruin, they all lead to the same person: his bonkers baby mama.

"At this point, we have only seen Jack and Sheila extremely distant and at each other's throats," the Emmy winner notes, "so I do not think that is going to get any better.

"But I do not know what is ahead," he adds.

"I do know that Jack loved his son, and seeing the life he was building with Steffy and the kids [cut short] is heartbreaking."

Perhaps it could even drive Jack to seek revenge on the madwoman who had sent his estranged wife's life in flames.

We have long thought the show is building toward a "Who killed Sheila?" murder mystery.

Adding Jack back into the mix only increases the number of potential suspects.

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