The Bold And The Beautiful Reveals Finn Is Alive!


Usually, big surprises and cliffhangers are saved for Fridays, but during Sweeps, rules are meant to be broken.

On Monday, The Bold and the Beautiful dropped a stunner: Finn is still alive.

For background, Finn was believed to have been shot and killed by Sheila Carter ­- his biological mother, no less.

In the episode that aired on April 1, Finn jumped in front of a bullet intended for his wife, Steffy Forrester.

After the shooting, Finn was never shown on-screen again and was often referred to as "gone" instead of "dead."

Fast-forward nearly two months later, and Finn's adoptive mother, Li Finnegan, became surprisingly agitated when Steffy suggested holding a memorial service for Finn.

Li stormed out of Steffy's home and ended up in an undisclosed location where Finn lay in a hospital bed.

In an appearance on the CBS talk show The Talk, actor Tanner Novlan revealed that he had known that he alter ego was not dead.

"Here is the thing, do not be mad at me. I was blown away at the fans' reaction," Novlan explained. "I contractually obligated not to tell you guys, and I felt awful about it."

However, there was one fan that it was tough to mislead: Novlan's mom!

"My mom is the biggest B&B fan. She was devastated when she found out that I was getting killed off," Novlan said with a chuckle.

"The whole time, I just wanted to say, 'Mom, no, it's okay, stick with it.' She was so mad at the producers. I was like. 'Don't write, Mom, it's gonna be okay.'"

So how long will Li keep Finn's condition a secret from the rest of the world? Is there anyone else who knows the truth?

Moreover, perhaps more important for "Sinn" fans, when will Steffy and Finn reunite?

"This will be a big moment in our show," Novlan said before quickly backtracking.

"I don't know how much I can tell, but how amazing would that be if we could reunite Finn and Steffy?"

Novlan joined the cast of B&B in July 2020.

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