The First Rose Bachelor Clayton Echard Ever Gives Is Rejected


The new season's premiere of 'The Bachelor' did not exactly start with a bang for bachelor Clayton Echard.

Not only was the first rose he offered rejected, but by the end of the episode, two of his potential suitors had already gone home.

Clayton, who had enthusiastically begun the show: 

By sharing his high hopes of finding a wife with the cameras, he was, understandably, somewhat deflated by the events.

Dejectedly, he confided in viewers:

 "The first rose that I have given out as the Bachelor was rejected."

"This is not the way that I was hoping to start my journey to find love."

However, Salley's – the spine surgery robot operator who refused the rose – the reasoning for doing so was easy to empathize with.

The heartbroken contestant revealed that she had been due to marry her former fiancé that weekend.

A milestone that had sent her head into a spin.

Unable to hide her grief, Salley tearfully decided to confess to Clayton.

"This weekend has been challenging for me, I was engaged in the past, and I was supposed to get married yesterday."

"Part of me is being pulled home, but I did not want to come to that decision until I met you fully."

"And you're beautiful. I have heard nothing but great things about you." 

"I feel weird being here the weekend of my wedding."

The blonde then broke down, saying:

"I thought I was ready for something like this, and I do not. I don't know if my heart is prepared."

Ever the gentleman, Clayton comforted his suitor before commenting on their shared chemistry:

"I think there's potentially something there."

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