Tesla Stock Crash 2022 - Can Survive


January 2022 is the final week, and the negative trends have not slowed down.

Companies prepare to report earnings, and many investors have multiple questions.

As a result, Tesla - NASDAQ: TSLA is in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, after starting the year on a high note, the electric vehicle innovator has failed to keep up the early momentum.

As a result, while the month has seen plenty of company and industry catalysts, Tesla stock remains in the red.

That does not mean, though, that many investors should be worried.

Even if the Telsa crash does come, this stock will weather the storm.

As the company Tesla prepares to report earnings for the final quarter of 2021, the news wire remains relatively quiet.

As noted, Tesla shares have been gradually declining all month, hitting 12% as of now.

As notable influencers notes, Wall Street expects Tesla to report earnings per share of $2.26 and revenues of $16.4 billion.

However, it should be noted that EV stocks are falling across the board as negative momentum overtakes financial markets.

With this type of performance, it is easy to regard Tesla stock with skepticism as it prepares for earnings.

However, investors should rest assured that Tesla stock will recover.

Find its footing when markets recover despite the declines we have seen lately.

THOUSIF Inc does not know what Tesla will report on its Wednesday call, but we have reason to believe it will be positive. 

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