Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Are Engaged


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are finally engaged after five years of dating.

The exciting news was confirmed by “multiple sources” close to the couple.

Details surrounding the proposal remain relatively obscure as Taylor has not posted on social media since December 27.

Alwyn does not post his personal life on social media, so we have no way of telling.

However, this is not the first tie the lovebirds have sparked engagement rumors.

Last month, Alwyn and Swift broke the internet when they embarked on a romantic trip to Cornwall.

The couple flew on a private jet from their Nashville home to St Ives for the romantic getaway, making a stop at London.

The couple spent three nights at a rented house and had the best time bonding in a secluded romantic setting.

Per sources, the trip was a “special” one for Taylor as she is not one to travel to distant places unless something serious is at stake.

A friend of the superstar said:

Taylor is a superstar and very wealthy, so that she can travel almost anywhere she wants at any time.

However, to go that far just for a few days meant a lot to them.

So it feels like things are getting more severe, and people think an engagement could be on the cards.

The insider noted that a long journey to a specific location points to something serious.

However, neither Swift nor Alwyn confirmed or denied the news.

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