13 Things You Probably Did Not Know Taylor Swift


1. She wrote every song on her third album, "Speak Now."

2. Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

3. She wrote a book when she was a teenager.

4. She appeared on an episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" in 2009.

5. She was the maid of honour at her childhood friend's wedding.

6. She rode horses as a kid.

7. Some of her lyrics are things she's wanted to text people in real life.

8. After her concerts, she sometimes watches "Friends."

9. She said she wrote "Blank Space" quickly but "All Too Well" took the most time to write.

10. "Kiss Me" was the first song she learned to play on guitar.

11. She's got her go-to drive-thru order down.

12. Swift owns three cats.

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