Tabyana Ali Reveals How Trina Feels About Rory


With Spencer pretending to believe Esme, a frustrated Trina has found herself turning to another man.

However, just what is going on between Trina and Rory in GENERAL HOSPITAL?

"I think she is so tired of the hustle and bustle of everything going on at this moment in her life, and she is ready to have some fun."

Tabyana Ali confided to the media of her alter ego's feelings. "I think she is seeing Rory as an opportunity for fun."

Of course, while Rory is eager to support Trina and help her clear her name, she has no idea that Spencer is doing the same thing, albeit behind her back!

Moreover, once she finds out Spencer has been on her side the whole time, things could get extra complicated when she winds up torn between the two men!

"There is this bad boy, and I think we have all been there before, and then there is Rory."

Who is very well-educated, very intelligent, follows the rules just like Trina," Ali mused.

"He is more of the type that should be with Trina rather than Spencer, but I think Trina will have that longing for Spencer."

"There is something about him that she is just intoxicated by, you know?" the actress admitted.

"And he is intoxicated by her. So I think it is interesting to see these polar opposite guys try to get with Trina."

It is still early days with Rory, so the sooner Spencer comes clean about his true allegiance, the better!

The longer he waits to prove Esme framed Trina for the s*x tape, the closer Trina will get to Officer Rory.

Moreover, if he waits too long, Spencer could lose Trina forever!

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