Tabyana Ali Debuts As Trina Robinson On ‘General Hospital’


Tabyana Ali made her daytime debut on the Friday, March 25 episode of “General Hospital” as Trina Robinson.

She replaced Sydney Mikayla in the role and appeared on contract with the soap.

In her first scenes, Ali interacted with Brook Kerr, who plays Trina’s mom, Portia, and Réal Andrews, who plays Trina’s dad, Marcus Taggert.

Moments before Trina appeared on screen as played by Ali, Portia and Taggert were discussing.

The recent Josslyn and Cameron drama and whether it was a “romance tape” or “revenge romance.”

In reality, they were most concerned about their daughter being accused by Esme of filming the video itself and having been the one to share it on social media.

The accusation has caused a rift between Trina and her friends.

Cameron and Josslyn have since filed a police report on the matter, hoping that the person responsible gets caught.

Considering Esme is the one behind everything, it is only a matter of time before she gets found out or if she covered her tracks.

The wrong person would take the fall from a legal perspective.

In follow-up scenes, Trina walks into class at PCU, where Josslyn and Cameron had been conversing.

After exchanging a few words, the group hugs it out before Cameron leaves to give Trina and Josslyn some time alone to talk.

During their conversation, Josslyn reassures Trina that she does not blame her for anything, and they both know that Esme is behind everything.

While she is unsure if Esme intended to film her and Cameron having romance, Josslyn is sure that Esme ultimately wanted to draw a wedge between her and Trina.

Sadly, by the episode’s end, Trina and Josslyn are interrupted by Commissioner Ashford.

Who tells Trina she would like to have her come in for questioning over the tape after receiving a tip that could place Trina as the culprit.

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