Sonam Kapoor - Why Turban Is Choice But Not Hijab


Sonam Kapoor reacted to the ongoing controversy over wearing hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka.

Sonam Kapoor weighed in on the raging hijab controversy in Karnataka.

She asked why turbans can be a choice but a hijab cannot.

She shared a post on Instagram Stories featuring a picture collage.

The hijab controversy started in a government college in Udupi.

The College administration made hijabi girls stay outside the college for wearing hijab.

The girls used to wear the hijab from the beginning. In addition, the seniors and super seniors also used the hijab.

A fine day set up other faith followers, who turned up at the college wearing saffron scarves.

The tension escalated as the protests spread to other parts of Karnataka.

Finally, violence at one college forced the police to resort to lathi-charge.

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