Soaps’ Best And Worst Of 2022 So Far - PART 1


1. Best Real-Life Moment

2. Best Swan Song

3. Most Repeated Dialogue

4. The ‘Already Enough!’ Award

5. Cutest Non-Couple

6. Most Sorely Lacking a Wingwoman

7. Best Tressed

8. Most Unexpectedly Delightful Pairing

9. Best Slap

10. The ‘Wait, Whaaaat?’ Award

11. Best Comeback

12. Biggest Missed Opportunity

13. Sexiest Devil

14. Most ‘Meh’ Turn of Events

15. Most Relatable Scene

16. The Worst Therapist Ever Award

17. Most Hellishly Bad Use of a Villain

18. Most Disappointing Development

19. Worst Hostage Situation

20. Lamest Climax

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