15 Soap Opera Stars and Their Wellness Routines


1. Kelly Monaco does various workouts like gym, yoga, and outdoor activities.

2. Jaqueline M. Wood does morning workouts focusing on muscle growth and has a special diet.

3. Michelle Stafford believes in regular diet and exercise for staying thin.

4. Rena Sofer exercises regularly, likes hula hooping, and believes in self-care.

5. Laura Wright promotes body positivity and self-acceptance.

6. Rebecca Herbst focuses on simple and consistent skincare routines.

7. Arianne Zucker believes in making time for at least three weekly workouts.

8. Melissa Claire Egan shares her miscarriage story to support other women.

9. Sharon Case emphasizes the importance of a consistent skincare routine.

10. Katherine Kelly Lang likes using various creams for skin care.

11. Kate Mansi enjoys outdoor workouts and adventure.

12. Genie Francis used Nutrisystem for a gentler weight loss approach.

13. Camila Banus follows a structured diet plan focusing on protein and carbs.

14. Karla Mosley overcame an eating disorder by choosing health over work.

15. Linsey Godfrey uses a personal trainer to stay fit and competitive.