Siobhan Cattigan - Scottish Rugby Player Dies Aged 26


the sport's governing body and her club have announced.

Cattigan, who played for Stirling County RFC, passed away on 26 November, the club said.

Stirling County described her as an "inspiration."

The sport's governing body said she was a "talented back-row forward and all-around rugby player".

The 26-year-old won 19 caps for Scotland between 2018 and 2021.

"Shibby has been a big part of County for many years and will be hugely missed by everyone at the club.

"She was central to the development of women's rugby within the club & an inspiration to the girls in the youth section."

"Siobhan was most recently involved in the Rugby World Cup 2021 Europe Qualifiers squad."

"The thoughts of all our people and players go out to Siobhan's family and many teammates at Stirling County."

"Specialist Scottish Rugby employees are now providing ongoing support to those most closely affected."

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