Sarah Chalke Got Stuck In An Elevator 


"Scrubs" actress Sarah Chalke got stuck in an elevator during the ATX TV Festival on Saturday while on her way to meet up with the cast of the hit series.

While explaining how her real-life unlucky streaks mimic those of her character Elliot Reid.

Chalke revealed the incident right when she landed in Austin, Texas, over the weekend.

"I was getting on the elevator to go meet everybody thinking, 'What an uneventful journey,"

"I do not have a travel story,' and I got in the elevator, and I got stuck in it."

During the "Scrubs" reunion on Sunday, she told the crowd that she was trapped for about five minutes.

Not knowing what to do, she FaceTimed co-stars, Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

"I was like, 'I am stuck in the elevator; get me out of here; I do not think I will do well in this situation." 

"So Zach's like, 'OK, what elevator are you in? I am like, 'I do not know!'" she continued.

"So I start pushing the buttons, and all of a sudden, all the buttons are lighting up.

"Then I find the button to call the front desk, and she says, 'You are stuck on floor 11?' The elevator only goes to five! What is happening right now?"

Her castmates then encouraged her to tell the audience what she did to calm her nerves.

"I needed to calm down; I did not realize I was claustrophobic until that moment," she said.

"I had a little panic attack and needed to get back into the podcast I was listening to, Dax Shepard's podcast."

"We were out at Dinner, and Zach was like, 'You were listening to my doppelgänger?'"

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