Young & Restless Star Courtney Hope’s Girls’ Night


Nothing Can Hold a Candle to the Absolute ‘Insanity’ of Young & Restless Star Courtney Hope’s Girls’ Night

However wild and wacky your weekend was, the actress seems to have you beat.

Do you know the kind of silly that you can only be with your nearest and dearest?

The kind of silly that makes you laugh until you can hardly breathe?

That is precisely the kind of silly that Courtney Hope got up to this weekend.

The Young & Restless leading lady shared a video of herself and a bunch of gal pals from their latest girls’ night. “Mission Insanity,” she captioned it.

Mission achieved, too, from the looks of it.

In the video clip, the friends take turns seeing if they can blow out a candle with a stocking over their faces.

Moreover, you would think it would be easy, but stockings are not airtight?

However, the young women cannot quite seem to pull it off.

Not that they do not have a whole lot of laughs trying!

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