Rebecca Herbst Clarifies Her Status at GENERAL HOSPITAL


As GENERAL HOSPITAL's Elizabeth is away at Shadybrook and focusing on her mental health, viewers have seen much less of the beloved nurse's portrayer, Rebecca Herbst.

Moreover, understandably, the actress' fans have worried that the cutback in her airtime means something is going on behind the scenes with Herbst.

As we all know, rumors can run rampant on social media.

Wanting to clear up any confusion about her status with the show, Herbst took to Twitter to let her fans know that she is still a part of the GH family and is not going anywhere.

"Well, hello there," she tweeted on June 17.

"Just thought I would shut down some rumors that have been circulating:"

"I have not been fired. I am not on vacation. I do not have COVID. My kids do not keep me from working. Nor do I have cramps (the best one yet)."

Rebecca Herbst punctuated the last rumor on her list with a laughing-face emoji and got a good chuckle from another theory one fan tossed into the mix.

"So you did join the Space Force Reserve!" wrote one follower.

"It is like the Army Reserve, but for the Space Force. However, then, you already know that." Herbst's response? The rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

Aside from the joking around, the actress' post was met with lots of love and support from fans who were glad to hear Liz was not being written out of Port Charles.

"We just love you and want to see you more," wrote one follower. Another praised Herbst for being a "class act" in how she set the record straight.

Moreover, nearly every poster just wanted to see more of the actress who has been part of the GH canvas for the past 25 years.

"We miss you a lot on our screens," shared one fan, praising Herbst's performance during her recent stalker storyline.

"You have been so stellar portraying the Dissociative Fugue diagnosis the writers gave Elizabeth."

Like Herbst's fans, we are glad to hear that the fan favorite is not going anywhere and look forward to her return to the canvas to continue telling Liz's story!

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