Protect Your Relationship From Money Issues


The matter of money can break any relationship. It has the power to overpower any emotion.

Money is supreme in this materialistic world.

Therefore, always keep your money matter separate when it comes to relationships with people.

Even with your partner, have a good note of all finances.

If both of you are earning well and are not dependent on each other, you should contribute equally to almost everything.

Keep track of your expenses and do not wait or expect the other to bear all expenses.

Divide the expenses and contribute equally in expenses and investments.

Are you financially independent and still expect the other person to bear all the expenses?

It will create an issue sooner or later.

We feel the burden should be equally divided to remain free from worries and tension.

Do not make finances a reason for ruining your relationship.

If you are financially dependent on your spouse, then support him/her.

Please do not make him/her spend too much on unnecessary things.