Paris Hilton Honeymoon In Bora Bora


Paris Hilton and Carter Reum celebrate with a "honeymoon world tour" after tying the knot on November 11, 2021, in Los Angeles.

first glimpse of her "honeymoon world tour" with her new husband, Carter Reum

The tropical photos show the newlyweds cuddled up while going for a swim. 

Hilton looks fantastic in the Green skirt at the entrance of the resort.

The white cloths with the blue tropical background gained lots of attention on social media.  

Paris Hilton shared a post holding a bag and was a bit trolled for it

The cat-eye fashion sunglasses pose of Paris Hilton on honeymoon was a trending topic.

Paris Hilton's leopard coloured top and the green colour skirt was some of the best honeymoon pictures.

Throughout Paris Hilton's honeymoon, she can be spotted wearing cat-eye fashion sunglasses.

Paris Hilton dressed in pink and Carter Reum with a black cap stood for the camera, and the picture is gorgeous.

Paris Hilton's pink skirt and Cat eye sunglasses received much attention after she released images of her honeymoon on the internet.

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