Pamela Anderson Fifth Marriage Ended


Pamela Anderson has just filed for divorce from her fifth husband, Dan Hayhurst.

Moreover, sources say it was because he was "unkind, unsupportive." 

Her rep confirmed to the media that the "Baywatch" bombshell is filing for divorce in her native Canada.

Where she and her now-estranged husband have been living since they wed on Christmas Eve 2020 on her Vancouver Island home.

Before their romance blossomed, he was the 54-year-old Anderson's bodyguard and a contractor at her home.

A source close to the doomed couple said that while things were initially blissful amid the pandemic.

Being quarantined together ultimately took its unromantic toll.

The source said: "Dan turned out to be a d–k to Pamela. He was unkind and unsupportive."

However, after you spend two years living every second with someone, you get to know them better, and for worse.

"They got to know each other better, and in doing so, Pamela realized Dan is, in fact, not the one."

The source added: "Things are not amicable at all between them at the moment."

"Because she decided they had nothing in common, he did not treat her in the way she felt she wanted to be treated."

"They had been fighting, even though he said he wanted to make the marriage work."

The source added, "She had initially said it was nice to be with a regular guy who could change a light bulb."

However, in the end, while the light bulb was excellent, he could not fulfill her other needs."

While Anderson is best known for her bombshell TV and movie roles and that sex tape.

She has become an activist for causes including animal rights, halting sexual abuse, and pornography.

Moreover, a supporter of free speech and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange takes these causes very seriously.

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