Nicholas Alexander Chavez Is Not Leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL


The talented young actor will be playing Jason in the upcoming movie Crushed.

“So excited for Crushed,” he tweeted. “Get ready to see a character that is nothing like Spencer.”

However, Chavez was also quick to assure General Hospital fans that he was not leaving the soap.

“It is a feature, so I am not going anywhere, y’all!”

The coming of age comedy centers around Kate

Played by Bebe Wood (LOVE, VICTOR), a high school student with a massive crush on her classmate, Jason.

However, as she tries to get together with her crush during a senior class trip, things naturally spiral out of control with hilarious results.

The film was written by Heidi Lux and directed by Niki Koss.

The cast includes Brenna D’Amico, Valerie Azlynn, Kylee Russell, Lisa Yamada, Meg Wright, and Bailey Stender.

Chavez took over the role of Spencer in July 2021 as the Cassadine prince was aged into a teenager.

He is currently serving time in Spring Ridge after confessing to stalking Ava.

Being stuck in a complicated relationship with Esme while crushing on Tina.

So it is good that the actor is not going anywhere!

Crushed is currently filming, and while the movie is supposed to be premiering in April 2022, that seems a bit soon.

However, then again, you never know! The film will be released on Tubi’s ad-supported streaming service.

So everyone will be able to enjoy Chavez in this new romantic comedy from the comfort of their own home. 

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