New Zealand Lifts Pre-Departure Testing Requirement


Beginning Monday, June 20, travelers entering New Zealand will no longer need to take a COVID-19 test.

Travelers are no longer required to complete the New Zealand Traveler Declaration Form.

Unvaccinated individuals are now allowed to transit through New Zealand.

Travelers are still required to test themselves upon arrival or on the first day of their trip and on the fifth or sixth days of arrival.

If they test positive at either time, they must take a PCR test to verify their results.

Travelers exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 during travel now have two options to prove they do not have COVID-19:

Presenting a negative test result or a certificate from a health professional explaining why it is unlikely they have the virus.

All travelers to New Zealand must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19,

Obtain a traveler visa and adhere to the post-arrival testing requirements.

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