Natasha Lyonne Confirms Fred Armisen Breakup


Natasha Lyonne has confirmed her split from Fred Armisen, claiming that the relationship ended over a disagreement about swimming pools.

After confirming to The Hollywood Reporter that she lived in Los Angeles with Armisen during the COVID pandemic, the actress revealed that they have since parted ways.

"I honestly think we broke up because I wanted a swimming pool," the "Russian Doll" star, 43, claimed.

"We love each other just about as much as two people can love each other, and we are still talking all the time, but Freddy does not like a swimming pool."

"It might seem like a mundane reason for a breakup, but you have got to get your laps during that pandemic. I am like Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer."

Lyonne has since purchased her own home with a pool in Los Angeles.

"So that is the real scandal," the "Orange Is the New Black" alum jokingly added. "I guess I finally am an actual bicoastal."

The actress and the "Saturday Night Live" alum, 55, were initially linked to one another in 2014 when they attended Lorne Michael's pre-Emmys party.

In a September 2019 Glamour cover story, Lyonne revealed Armisen's "SNL" colleague, Maya Rudolph, who introduced the pair.

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