Myths About Hair Growth And Loss


Biotin alone is enough to get my hair growing

Myth #1:

Hair should not be shampooed often

Myth #2:

Shampooing can make your hair shed

Myth #3:

Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp

Myth #4:

Wearing hats can cause hair loss

Myth #5:

You're client is going bald because of his genes

Myth #6:

Avoid using conditioner on oily hair

Myth #7:

A hair care routine needs to be changed often or it’ll stop working

Myth #8:

Hair will grow faster if it’s trimmed frequently

Myth #9:

Brushing hair 100 times a day makes it healthier

Myth #10:

Rinse hair with cold water for shinier strands

Myth #11:

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