Millie Bobby Brown, Playing Orphaned Teen - New Sci-Fi Film


Millie Bobby Brown's role as Eleven on the Duffer Brothers' hit series Stranger Things has cemented her as Netflix royalty.

Everything from El's 80s-inspired fashion to her buzzcut and unlikely connection to this season's villain 001, aka Venca, aka Henry Keel,

Has viewers waiting to see what is next for the scene-stealing star.

With the second volume of Stranger Things season four gearing up to be released on July 1, news has officially confirmed that Mills will be returning to Netflix in a new movie.

According to Deadline, Millie will appear in the Russo Brother's upcoming film The Electric State.

Based on Simon Stålenhag's Tales From The Loop, the Stranger Things lead will star as an orphaned teenager who travels across the American West in the retro-futuristic past alongside a

"sweet but mysterious robot and an eccentric drifter in search of her younger brother."

The book was previously adapted into an Amazon Original series in 2020, starring Rebecca Hall, Paul Schneider, and Duncan Joiner.

The novel currently boasts a five-star rating on Amazon.

The outlet also reports that Chris Pratt is rumoured to join the film, but the actor's involvement has not been officially announced.

While Netflix has yet to confirm when The Electric State will begin filming, Deadline claims it is "looking at a fall start date."

If you cannot wait to discover more about The Electric Slate and want a head start on what the film could be like, check out Tales From The Loop.

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