Merrill Lynch Financier, Arrested And Fired From His Job


James Iannazzo, 48, was charged with intimidation based on bias.

Breach of peace and criminal trespass after his fit of rage at the Robeks store Saturday.

The incident happened at the 2061 Black Rock Turnpike store in Fairfield, CT.

The footage was posted on TikTok by user @cjjbreezy.

It was recorded by one of the young girls working at the store. It gained more than 16 million views.

'You are a f***** immigrant loser,' Iannazzo says to one of the girls.

Just moments after, he hurled the smoothie at her, hitting her with it on the shoulder.

Iannazzo told authorities that he had returned to the store.

Because he was upset about his son having a 'severe' allergic reaction to the peanut in the smoothie.

Staff at the store said that while he asked for no peanut butter in the smoothie, he never mentioned an allergy.

He is scheduled to appear in court on February 7

Iannazoo has since been fired from his wealth advisor and director position.

At Merrill Lynch Management, where he had been working since 1995

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