Meghan King And Cuffe Owens' Marriage To Be Annulled


Meghan King and Joe Biden's nephew, Cuffe Owens, are set to have their short-lived marriage annulled after just two months.

Discussing her three marriages on SiriusXM's "Jeff Lewis Live on Thursday.

The former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star said she does not count her first because she was too young, and this most recent one to Owens will be annulled.

"I was married when I was 22. Yeah, so I feel like that one did not count, you know, that was like a practice," she said.

"Then I was married to my ex-husband [Jim Edmonds], whom I have had my kids with for five years."

"Moreover, that was real. That was a real, legitimate marriage and divorce."

"And then this last one is gonna be annulled, so I've had three weddings and two marriages."

King, 37, also said her relationship with Owens, which lasted three months from start to finish, felt like an arranged marriage.

"I think that I was so ready for a partner, and for some, I have three little kids that I have all the time pretty much."

"Thus, I just really want some help, and I want a partnership," she said Thursday.

"He said all the right things, and the families and I were a good fit."

Moreover, he seemed to grow up similarly to me, and it was almost like an arranged marriage.

"So I felt like, except we chose one another."

The mom of three first revealed on social media that she was dating Owens in September 2021.

Less than a month later, the pair were married at Owens' childhood home in Kennett Square, Penn.

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