Meet Maya Başol 7 Year Girl From Turkey


This beautiful 7-year-old girl from Turkey who took the internet by storm looks a little like someone we know.

She has gained herself fans and endorsements at such a young age.

However, doesn’t she look like a daughter of a local celebrity?

Meet Maya Basol, prevalent in social media because of her good looks and charming personality.

Maya Başol also has her own YouTube channel and often shares glimpses into her everyday life.

Initially, she was seen on her mother’s Instagram account, and netizens could not keep admiring her beauty.

No doubt, she will grow up to be a head-turner someday.

Her mother, Asya Başol, is a model, and there is no doubt that one day, Maya may follow in her footsteps.

Her natural beauty shines, and it is one of the best things.

In her vlogs, you can see that she knows how to pose like a model and express herself in her clothes.

Her facial expressions are also evident even at a young age.

Parents with kids still have some trouble taking photos of their kids!

Kids would usually mode restlessly, making it impossible to take good photos of them.

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