Matthew Morrison Fired From So You Think You Can Dance


Matthew Morrison Fired From SYTYCD For Sending' Flirty' Messages To Contestant

Matthew Morrison has been let go from So You Think You Can Dance.

More details about the departure have confirmed that Morrison was fired from the series.

"after he had an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant." A source close to the reality show revealed that

"he reached out to her through flirty direct messages on social media."

"She felt uncomfortable with his line of comments and went to producers, who then got Fox involved."

"He was fired after they did their investigation."

The source added that Morrison and the unidentified female contestant "never met up off-set," and it was "just messages that crossed the line."

On Friday, Matthew Morrison had exited SYTYCD just over a week after the series aired its season 17 premiere on May 18th.

Morrison revealed that he was leaving the show after failing to follow "competition production protocols."

"Having the opportunity to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance was an incredible honour for me."

Therefore, I regret to inform you that I will be leaving the show," Morrison said in a statement to the media.

"After filming the audition rounds for the show and completing the selection of the 12 finalists."

"I did not follow competition production protocols, preventing me from being able to judge the competition fairly."

"I cannot apologize enough to all involved, and I will be watching alongside you all on what I know will be one of the best seasons yet."

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