Lydia Look Is “Thrilled” to Return to GENERAL HOSPITAL!


Brad has been doing okay lately, but that could be about to change since his aunt is on the way back to Port Charles very soon!

“I am so thrilled to be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL!” Lydia Look (Selina) declared on Instagram as news of her comeback was released.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no details as to exactly when her first airdate back might be.

However, she assured fans at the time that she would be back just as soon as her vacation was over.

Moreover, now she is back and ready to cause more drama! “Selina, too, has been on her best behavior all winter in Asia.”

Look teased to Soap Opera Digest, “and is now rested and recharged for more Port Charles.”

Look first debuted as Ms. Wu back in August 2015.

After some sporadic appearances over the years at meetings of the Five Families, the actress was thrilled when her role increased in late 2021.

After making a deal with Sonny to help get her nephew, Brad, out on parole.

Selina returned the favor by arranging for Brad to poison Peter in prison unwittingly!

Brad feels guilty about that and worries his attempted murder might be found out.

However, he has also been hanging out with his BFF, Britt, against his aunt’s wishes.

So when Selina returns to Port Charles, he had better watch out!

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