Lucas Adams Says Goodbye To DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Viewers should prepare for Tripp to say goodbye to Salem again as Lucas Adams leaves DAYS OF OUR LIVES for the second time.

Although the young actor admitted to THOUSIF Inc. that he "was more prepared for it" this time, the decision still surprised him.

Given that the Tripp/Allie/Chanel triangle had ended, he somewhat understood the decision to write his character off the show.

"Tripp was mostly the third wheel, so it made sense storyline-wise," Adams said.

"But it surprised me because we just had that storyline of Tripp dying and being brought back."

"I guess Tripp is not someone who sticks around all the time. He needs to stretch his wings now and then."

It would have been easy for DAYS to let Tripp sacrifice his life to save Allie from the devil,

However, the fact that the soap brought him back to life and had him leave Salem on his terms bodes well for another return in the future.

Moreover, daytime vets like Tamara Braun (Ava), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), and Stephen Nichols (Steve) agreed.

"They were like, 'You did not die. You will be back,'

"he recalled. "They have been in the ballgame a long time."

"They have seen people come and go. They have come and gone. They know how it works."

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