Luca de Meo Could Return To Japan - Renault Boss


The head of French carmaker Renault's Luca de Meo could return to Japan in June for the second time in two months.

A sign of intensifying talks with partner Nissan on a planned carve-out of its electric vehicle business.

The source said that CEO Luca de Meo could return to Japan for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance's next Alliance Operating Board (AOB) meeting.

The AOB is exceptionally taking place in Japan for the second time to coincide with Nissan's general meeting.

This would be Luca de Meo's second time in Japan.

Two months after, Luca de Meo recently spent several days with his Japanese partners.

Renault has left the door open for Nissan to join its plan to create an entity dedicated to electric vehicles.

They were designed to improve its image as an EV company in the face of renewed competition.

Renault and its partners were pioneers in electric cars at the start of the previous decade.

However, they have since been eclipsed by pure player Tesla and the ambitions of Volkswagen.

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