Love Is Blind's Shake Apologizes To Ex-Fiancée Deepti


Love Is Blind star Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee has addressed his ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati in a new video on social media.

Shake drew much criticism both on and offscreen during his time on Love is Blind and was questioned for how he spoke about and treated women.

On Tuesday, Shake posted a public apology video on Instagram directed at Deepti, saying:

"I am so sorry I hurt you. I wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry to a woman that I know I hurt," he began.

"Deepti, I am truly sorry for some of the things I said," he continued.

"Things that honestly just could have been left unsaid or could have been said differently."

"Things that never should have been on national television. During the time that we were filming, you were my best friend."

Shake shared that he knew their relationship "was not going to end in marriage," but he did not want "what we had to end either."

"I loved every second of it. And I am so, so sorry that I hurt you with my words. That is the last thing that I wanted from all this. I am sorry, Deepti."

Shake summarized his message in the post's caption, sharing that he reached out to Deepti directly but also wanted to issue a public apology.

"I am sorry, @lifewithdeeps. I am ready to take accountability for my actions and be better," he wrote.

"While I have reached out privately, I think it is also important I apologize publicly for the sake of your family and friends that I have upset as well."

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