Leslie Mann takes revenge "hot stuff" try extra spicy wings


In a new episode of "Hot Ones," which is being streamed globally, a "Blockers" star sits down and eats a very spicy vegan wing.

Answering her career questions, she manages to add a twist to the format.

When it is time to try the infamous DaBomb hot sauce, Mann and host Sean Evans discuss the show's creator, Chris Schonberger.

"That is bad. Whose idea was this show," Mann asks.

"He may be in the room," Evans told her, confirming that he did not come up with it."

"What do you know, I ended up as a host. However, you know, like this guy, he has an idea."

"How much hot sauce does he have to eat? Wouldn't it be? Nothing."

"Mann then moves towards Shane Burger. Have a little Dabomb."

"I deserve this," says the author, walking and picking up vegan wings.

Schonberger puts everything in his mouth, gives a high five to Mann and Evans, and then shows how to handle the heat.

"He is stoic. If I had one thing I knew about the guy," Evans says.

When asked how to do it, Schoenberger says, "I am fine," but admits that hot sauce is "bad."

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