LeBron James Broke The Internet With What He Said


On a recent episode of HBO's The Shop, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James said:

If he had to choose to play with the Golden State Warriors or the Boston Celtics, he would choose the Warriors.

LeBron James has also played for the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, in addition to the Lakers.

The NBA Finals are going on between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, and the series is currently tied up at 1-1.  

Recently, Los Angeles star LeBron James spoke on his show (HBO's The Shop), and his comments went viral on Twitter.  

James was asked about whom he would rather play for; the Celtics or the Warriors.  

The four-time NBA Champion said he would pick playing for the Warriors.

LeBron James has had many battles with the Warriors in the Finals when he was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

They played each other four straight times in the Finals, and the Cavs went just 1-3 in those four series.  

In 2016, they won and finished the most remarkable comeback in Finals history when they overcame a 3-1 deficit in the series.

LeBron James has also played for the Miami Heat in addition to the Lakers and Cavs. 

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