Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Prepare to say goodbye to Lani and Eli as Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey are leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

In their newest issue, THOUSIF Inc. is reporting that the pair have opted to exit the NBC soap,

Moreover, Stowers will last air on Friday, July 1, with Archey’s final appearance also being that same week.

Archey, who previously played the recurring character of Mason Wilder from 2012-14 on the CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS,

Joined the cast of DAYS as Eli Grant back in February 2017.

Since 2020, he has regularly appeared as principal D’Angelo Carter on the CW primetime series ALL AMERICAN.

Stowers got her big break as the winner of cycle 9 of the reality competition series AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, and she parlayed her modeling success into an acting career.

In 2013, she joined the cast of the online revival of ABC soap ALL MY CHILDREN, playing Angie Hubbard’s daughter, Cassandra Foster.

She has also appeared in primetime series like SWITCHED AT BIRTH, MAJOR CRIMES, CAGED, and THE FOSTERS.

After joining DAYS in September 2015, Stowers exited in June 2016 but was back to reprise the role by December of that year.

After a rough start, Eli and Lani found love and married and welcomed a pair of beautiful twins to their family despite some interference from folks like Gabi.

Unfortunately, their happiness was marred recently when Lani shot and killed her biological father, TR Coates.

While Eli urged her to let Paulina take the blame, Lani’s guilt got the better, and she finally confessed right in the middle of Paulina and Abe’s wedding!

With the character is being ushered off the canvas, it is entirely possible that Lani could end up in prison,

But hopefully, with Eli also exiting Salem, perhaps she will get off with a slap on the wrist,

Moreover, can the pair leave town with their kids to start a new life somewhere else?

You will have to keep watching DAYS to find out!

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