Krista Allen Reveals Why She’s Not In B&B’s Opening Credits


During the rooftop confrontation with Sheila, many fans wondered if Taylor would die on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL!

Moreover, following the cliffhanger that left Taylor hanging on for her life at the end of the April 12 episode.

Some even wondered if this was why portrayer Krista Allen had not been added to the soap’s opening credits.

Allen, who joined the soap in December 2021, took to social media to explain to fans that the situation is more complicated than that.

“This seems to be asked a lot, so I am gonna make a proper tweet!” she declared.

“We had a tech issue on our last shoot, and the whole thing was unusable. We have to reshoot. However, we have to find the time!”

That recent attempt that ran into technical difficulties was the second time that B&B has tried to shoot Allen for the opening credits.

The first came out okay, but as you might recall, Taylor was wearing bad wigs for the first month she was on the soap.

So that is not a look they want showing up in the credits repeatedly now.

“First shot was a sheepdog wig,” the actress joked, “the second was a third bust time is a charm!”

Thankfully, Allen’s natural hair was finally the correct length and color when the CBS sudser resumed production after the holidays.

So, in February, Taylor was finally able to ditch the wigs.

However, unfortunately, the attempt to do a new shoot for the opening credits with her lovely natural locks did not quite work out as planned.

Hopefully, Allen is correct, and the third time is the charm, so fans can finally enjoy seeing her in the opening credits with all the other B&B stars!

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