Katy Perry Served Wild Looks At Her Las Vegas Show


Katy Perry's show 'Play Las Vegas' was, as she called it, "saucy, sunshine playtime divine-ness!"

Moreover, the mandate for her wardrobe was pretty much the same.

On a stage designed to mimic 'Perry's Playland' replete with magic mushrooms.

Katy Perry looked right at home with a giant red toilet and a life-size medical face mask with her creative, fantastical, and psychedelic outfits.

Which, even though worth pouring thoughts into, are no departure from her signature style.

Her show 'Play Las Vegas' was, as she called it, "SAUCY, SEXY, SUNSHINE PLAYTIME DIVINE-NESS!"

A latex bodysuit, a mushroom cap, and fringed pants kickstarted the show with the E.T. singer's usual trippy fashion.

What look can complement a giant red toilet and life-size rolls of tissue paper?

Ask Katy, for not only did she think of one but also pulled it off with a white wrap dress with tasseled gloves.

Not only did she wear a dress made of cans.

Also, pull-tabs that dispensed beer from them.

A creative outfit and statement, few, if not none, other than she can pull off.

A classy '60s America silhouette dress but, of course, Katy style.

The 3D bulbous additions to this white dress prove that there is nothing she cannot turn OTT.

When in Vegas, you ought to wear a Cher-inspired burlesque sequined dress with cut-outs and mosaic-sequined gloves.

Now that is a Katy Perry-worthy train.

The bubblegum pink gown with multicolored gemstone studded collar had an epic train.

Moreover, to call it 'massive' would be an understatement.

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