Kapil Sharma's Netflix Special 'I'm Not Done Yet' - Highlights


1. When Kapil Sharma suffered from depression, he used to lock himself up in a room with his dog by his side.

2. He had suffered an injury while working out in a gym and was not hit by Salman Khan, as suggested by a news headline.

3. Remember the time when Kapil Sharma tweeted to PM Narendra Modi? He was eight drinks down that night.

4. Next morning, there was many media outside his house. So he immediately left for the Maldives.

5. His father named him Kapil after former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev.

6. Kapil Sharma studied at the same college as former Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh - Hindu College, Amritsar.

7. He came to Mumbai with ₹1,200 in his pocket with a dream to become an actor.

8. He always had an interest in music, and during the days of his career, he joined a famous Punjabi singer Amrinder Gill as a 'backup singer.'

9. Won prize money of ₹10,00,000 on the show The Great Laughter Challenge, and he received only ₹6,90,000 after the TDS deduction.

10. He once gatecrashed a party at Shah Rukh Khan's home in the drunken state as one of his visiting cousins wanted to see Mannat.

11. His father, a police officer by profession, also performed in theatres, and Kapil Sharma got to know this only after he passed away.

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