Josh Kelly Says GENERAL HOSPITAL Is Special


When GENERAL HOSPITAL tapped ONE LIFE TO LIVE alum Josh Kelly to play the newly-created role of Cody Bell,

The actor was already very familiar with the action in Port Charles!

Josh Kelly says: "GENERAL HOSPITAL was the only soap opera I watched when I was younger."

"My sister had control of the TV when we got home from high school,"

"So we would watch GENERAL HOSPITAL, and then I would get to watch BATMAN."

"The same thing kind of happened with my parents,"

"When my dad was in the Navy, his whole squadron became addicted to the Luke and Laura saga."

"My family and friends are always happy for me [when I land a new job], but my sister seems to be geeking out about this one!"

"It is cool to be part of such a legacy show."

"I always like to think about what 'little kid Josh' would think at the moment,"

"It keeps me pleased on long days or times like last night when I was late to a premiere for a movie that I was in because I was working on GENERAL freaking HOSPITAL! "

"Little kid Josh would not be upset about that, so 'big kid Josh' was not, either!"

Kelly's time in Port Charles has only just begun, and his character has many secrets yet to be revealed.

Learning that Britt is Faison's daughter intrigued Cody and led some viewers to wonder if the newcomer might also be another of the supervillain's offspring.

That would certainly put the kibosh on a potential Britt and Cody romance, but there are plenty of other eligible bachelorettes in town!

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