Josh Kelly Opens Up About Joining GENERAL HOSPITAL


Talk about making an entrance! Josh Kelly made quite the impression in his first appearance as Cody on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Sky diving into the Metro Court rooftop pool. Moreover, the actor is super excited to be back in soaps after his previous run as ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Cutter Wentworth.

"I miss working regularly," Josh Kelly told THOUSIF Inc. about returning to daytime.

"I have had much fun doing other projects, but these last two years, I shot a pilot, and then it was on hold throughout COVID."

"Also, I have had to go [on location] to Memphis, Albuquerque, or Atlanta and I love traveling, but my home is in Los Angeles, and I have never gotten to work here."

"I also missed being part of a little acting troupe family."

So he reached out to his previous OLTL boss, Frank Valentini, now the executive producer at GH, and got a very enthusiastic response.

"He was like, 'Are you serious? You would have to make a contract,'" Kelly recalled.

"They were like, 'We are gonna come up with a cool character for you,' and they did!"

Kelly is thrilled to be back in soaps again because he had always wanted to do more work in the medium.

"OLTL was canceled right when I was getting my legs underneath me and getting into my stride," he explained.

"So this, in a weird way, feels like I am fulfilling my original contract."

He has just started his run on GH, but Kelly hopes the fans will enjoy getting to know Cody as he settles down in Port Charles.

"I was particularly proud of my work on OLTL," he said. "I had so much fun there, and I love that it resonated with certain people."

I know that some people do not like me and will not like me, which you have to accept as a performer.

"However, I am going to try! I am going to try to do well and to entertain."

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