Jordi Vilasuso Reacts To His Y&R Character's Demise


As The Young and the Restless (Y&R), fans continue to reel from Rey Rosales's sudden demise.

Portrayer Jordi Vilasuso has revealed his mixed feelings about how his character's storyline ended.

"Bye-bye, Rey Rosales," the actor said. "So much fun, and what a great experience playing Rey."

Vilasuso's first comments since his character's passing were made on Making It Work, the podcast he shares with his wife, Kaitlin.

Moreover, the latest episode, which addresses his Y&R exit, contains no shortage of pauses and silences from Vilasuso.

"I had thoughts on your exit storyline," Kaitlin began, prompting Jordi to respond with a wry snicker, "Mh, so did I."

Nearly a month after Vilasuso's existence had been announced, Rey lost his life during last week's episodes in an entirely off-screen car accident.

"Because it was a little shocking, the exit," Kaitlin continued. "But it was nice that people are saying. Hey, Rey deserved better than that!"

Once the two podcasters had turned the page and began discussing the fan support, which has been overwhelming, Jordi became more talkative.

"I appreciated all the love and supported online," Jordi chimed in.

The couple also discussed Jordi's support from his castmates and one co-star, in particular, stunned the outgoing actor.

"And I received a great phone call. It was a missed phone call," Jordi continued.

"The Peter Bergman – Jack Abbott from Y&R – I saw a missed phone call from him on my phone."

"Moreover, I checked my voicemail, and I saw no voicemail. So I was like, 'Is that a butt dial from Peter?'"

"So I was debating whether to call him back, and then I received a call from Y&R Production, I picked up, and it was Peter calling me from his room," Jordi continued.

"And he was so encouraging and beautiful. He said he was so sorry he could not say goodbye, and we hardly worked together."

Despite Genoa City having that small-town feel, Jack Abbott and Rey Rosales rarely crossed paths.

However, perhaps that fact made Bergman's phone call more meaningful.

"But I have such respect for him, not only as an actor, but as a man, a husband, and a father," Jordi added, his voice showing emotion.

"It was a great way to move on, and he had some kind words. Moreover, I appreciated it."

As the podcast continued, Jordi felt more comfortable talking about the process of leaving the CBS soap opera behind.

"When we found out the news that Rey Rosales was not going to be on the Y&R canvas anymore, I felt many feelings," he admitted.

"And, processing that, I felt like, Well, I will let a job define how I live my life?"

"Define who I am?" Jordi asked himself. "I said, F that! No!"

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