Jophielle Love's Reaction To Seeing Herself In General Hospital


The opening credits of GENERAL HOSPITAL change every day, with different actors' headshots flashing during the theme music.

However, it was quite a thrill for one little actress to see herself looking back from the screen!

"Somebody has been hoping for a long time that she would someday be added into the opening credits of GH!" Jophielle Love's mother enthused on Instagram.

"It finally happened a couple of days ago, and that someone was over the moon!"

Love's mother shared a video of little Jophielle clasping her hands together, about to explode with excitement as she watched an episode of the ABC soap along with her family.

Like the scene where Ava is stunned to see Esme relaxing in Wyndemere reading bookends and the theme music kicks in, you can hear her count down: "Three, two, one, okay!"

As she calls out for everyone to watch, the credits begin with Eden McCoy (Josslyn), then Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), and as Love's cast photo pops up third, someone shouts "Boom!"

The camera pans back to the audience as everyone cheers, and the little star claps happily and throws her fists in the air triumphantly.

A massive smile on her face. "Yes!" she cries happily. "I am in it now!"

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