Johnny Depp Is NOT Returning To Pirates Of The Caribbean


A ridiculous rumor recently spread through the internet,

Riding the wave of starry-eyed fandom in the wake of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, which sparked a deluge of support for the former Pirates of the Caribbean star.

The rumor states that Depp is set to return to his most iconic role, as Captain Jack Sparrow, for no less than 301 million dollars.

The rumor also hinted that a Disney Plus series might be in the works that would explore the early years of Jack Sparrow.

As amusing as it would be to watch an aging Depp play the younger version of a role that he has been phoning in for at least the last two films, the rumor is not valid.

$301 million is an insane figure, equal to the entire budget of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - not a cheap film

Before he was fired from the franchise, Depp was reportedly due to earn $22.5 million for his sixth appearance as Jack Sparrow;

He received $50 million for the third film, At World's End, during his peak popularity.

Even Depp thought he was being overpaid for his work in the franchise; in a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, he said:

"If they will pay me the stupid money right now, I will take it."

Hence, it is ludicrous to think that Disney would pay any actor that amount of money, let alone one that has proved to be such a liability on set;

In a statement to NBC News, a representative for Depp responded to the rumor, stating: "This is made up."

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