Jasmine Pineda Reveals About Her PLASTIC SURGERY!


Jasmine Pineda has always turned heads due to her beauty and incredible physique. The 90-day Fiance star always has enamored fans.

Previously, the South American native spoke about being underweight and struggling with that.

Jasmine said the first-ever procedure she got done was breast augmentation.

The reality star reveals how there was no difference between her chest and a man's chest.

Jasmine has always been known to take great care of her body.

Even while on the show, she always made sure to go to the gym regularly.

The mom-of-two says she made changes only because she wants to enhance certain aspects of her body and not because she hates it.

Jasmine's candidness and her confidence in herself have fans praising her.

The viewers appreciate her honesty and confidence about having work done.

Moreover, many feel that celebs usually deny having surgical procedures.

However, Jasmine is proud and transparent about it.

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