Is Zendaya Pregnant?


Zendaya Pregnant is trending on Twitter, so you must be wondering, is the actress pregnant?

Zendaya is NOT pregnant.

A Twitter thread shared the post of a TikTok user that had posted a fake picture.

A fake picture of Zendaya sharing an ultrasound image of a baby-led to the rumors you probably heard that brought you here.

The fake caption on the photo read, “I love you. Halfway there,”

Adding an emoticon of a red heart while tagging the actress’s boyfriend, Tom Holland.

The post quickly showed that they had pulled a prank on the social media users, which did not go down well.

This is not the first time speculations about Zendaya’s pregnancy surfaced on the internet.

A modified image of the 25-year-old actress went viral in January 2022, depicting her flaunting a baby belly at a red-carpet event.

The rumors were unfounded, and neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland responded to the false news.

Tom Holland, however, expressed his desire to become a father in a December 2021 interview with People magazine.

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