IRS Notice Must-Know Things 


Do not be alarmed if you receive a letter from the IRS this year.

After every tax season, the agency sends out various notices to taxpayers.

Not every letter means there is an impending audit coming your way.

Many of the notices are routine and can quickly be resolved. However, here is what to do if one shows up in your mailbox.

1. Stay calm - Remember that not all IRS letters deliver bad news.

2. IRS sends letters for reasons - balance due, tax return, smaller refund, etc.

3. It could be a change or correction.

4. do not ignore it IRS Notice

5. Thankfully, most notices don’t require a call or visit to an IRS office.

6. You can agree or disagree with the notice.

7. Keep copies of any notices you receive from the IRS with your other tax records.

8. All notices come by snail mail.

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