Ioan Gruffudd Files Order Against Ex-Wife, Alice Evans


Ioan Gruffudd has filed a restraining order against his estranged wife, Alice Evans.

Ioan Gruffudd filed the form to bar Alice Evans from coming within 100 yards of him and his girlfriend, Bianca Wallace.

Ioan Gruffudd claims in the docs that Alice Evans "repeatedly told me between August 2020 and our separation on January 1, 2021."

"That if I left her, she would make false public accusations about me."

"Sell false stories about me to the press, and destroy me and my career."

"Told me verbally multiple times that she would do to me what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp."

"Alice Evans threatened to tell people I had abused her and our daughters."

"Threatened to call the police on me if I did not comply with her demands."

"Threatened to tell people I am a drug addict and put me in prison."

"Threatened to write a fake diary that reflected an abused victim."

"To have the diary published and threatened to destroy my mother."

Ioan Gruffudd contends that Alice Evans "carried out many of these threats."

Including "many false and harassing" social media posts

"Hundreds of harassing, abusive and threatening communications by text, voice message, video message."

He adds in the filing that she even sent "threatening emails" to his mother, Margaret Griffiths.

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