Hawkeye Episode 6 Finale


The biggest shock of Hawkeye episode 6 was the bold return of Kingpin, reappearing from the Daredevil TV show.

It was the final twist of episode 5, and in the finale, we get to see him in action.

Here, he gets in a life-or-death battle with his adoptive daughter Echo, leaving his fate up in his arms.

As such, is Kingpin dead or alive after the Hawkeye episode 6 finale?

Once the credits roll on the last episode of Hawkeye, it is unclear whether Wilson Fisk is still alive.

After a climactic fight with Echo, he is beaten, and she aims a gun at his body.

Then, the camera pans away, and we hear a gunshot, leaving us unsure of his fate.

However, it seems unlikely that Marvel would kill off Kingpin this soon into his significant MCU return.

As the key antagonist of the Daredevil Netflix show, his unexpected MCU arrival was a huge deal.

Fisk is one of the most prominent villains in all comics, and getting rid of him this quickly would be a wasted opportunity.

Equally, we never saw his body.

If we have learned anything from comics, if we do not see a dead body, the character is probably still alive.

On top of that, the heralded return of Wilson Fisk will likely come in the upcoming Echo show.

Kingpin’s anti-hero adoptive daughter has her show on the way.

It was announced in November 2021, before Hawkeye started showing, so it is still far from release.

However, since Fisk is so intrinsically linked to Echo, he will likely be back in that show, whether alive or as flashbacks, reminding her of the father figure she killed.

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