Gunman Kills 19 Children In Texas School 


An 18-year-old man in Texas opened fire in an elementary school, killing at least 19 students and two adults at Robb elementary school in Uvalde.

There is a primarily Latino community about 85 miles west of San Antonio near the Mexico border.

Earlier in the day, Texas Governor Greg Abbott had told reporters that at least 14 children and one adult had been killed in the school shooting in the state's southwest.

The death toll was later updated by Roland Gutierrez, a Texas state senator who was briefed by state police and spoke with media outlets.

Gutierrez offered more harrowing details from the attack:

The suspect shot his grandmother at her home in the morning and fled the scene by car before wrecking his vehicle outside the elementary school.

He ran into the school and began shooting, Gutierrez said.

The senator added that three people wounded in the attack remained hospitalized in serious condition.

The school had children in second, third, and fourth grade, a police spokesperson said.

The school serves about 570 children, nearly 90% of them Latino.

Few victims have been publicly identified, but one adult has been confirmed as fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles.

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