Guinness World Records - Dog Chihuahua - TobyKeith, 21 


Guinness World Records took to Instagram to share a video showcasing the Chihuahua, the oldest dog living.

Guinness World Records often takes to Instagram to share various posts concerning different records.

In their latest share, they posted about a 21-year-old Chihuahua named TobyKeith.

They mentioned that the pooch recently got the title of "oldest dog living."

"Oldest dog living - TobyKeith at 21 years 66 days old," they wrote while posting the video.

The clip shows the adorable creature's pet parent sharing more about him.

"TobyKeith is a chihuahua owned by Gisela Shore (USA), who describes him as "sweet, gentle, loving and my little bodyguard.

"She has always made sure to feed her dogs a balanced diet of proteins, vegetables, and rice."

"But still never thought he would one day be the oldest living dog in the world when she first adopted him!"

Reads a part of a blog that the organization posted about this dog's record.

"On achieving the record, Gisela said: 'I love the recognition of knowing that he has had a long healthy life with me as his mommy."

"We adore him so much, and achieving this record is the testimony of the loving home we have provided for him."

"Tobykeith is such a blessing. I am so lucky to have him in my life still," they shared.

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