Guess These 15 Animals By Their Cute Noses


1. Lion, puma, or house cat?

2. Beaver, chinchilla, or capybara?

3. Alpaca, camel, or donkey?

4. Sea lion, otter, or ferret?

5. Anteater, baby elephant, or tapir?

6. Skunk, raccoon, or badger?

7. Bear, panda, or koala?

8. Horse, moose, or zebra?

9. Doe, goat, or sheep?

10. Lemur, coyote, or wolverine?

11. Dog, fox, or red panda?

12. Guinea pig, hare, or rabbit?

13. Buffalo, yak, or bison?

14. Snake, sea turtle, or lizard?

15. Mink, snow leopard, or arctic fox?

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